We create or steer your existing CX programmes for business improvement

We believe in growing customer satisfaction by empowering your employees

We use innovations to create a seamless customer experience,

and to measure customer satisfation throughout our programmes

We offer Plug&Play solutions to achieve your goals faster, better and cheaper


Watch Alexis Grabar and Claire Bonniol talk about CXB HUB,their backgrounds and methods.

To learn more about our innovations, follow the link below.

Our founders combine 40 years of experience in customer experience and employee engagement.

Needless to say, they are really passionate about this topic!

That’s why our company isn’t just another consulting firm.

We create bridges between worldwide CX professionals.

We benchmark, run events, network and share best practice from best-of-breed practitioners.

We’ve built a network of CX Friends to meet your challenges with innovation and design thinking.

We partner with them to create made-to-measure solutions to enhance your brand experience.

We believe in balancing regional knowledge and international branding by working with the right professionals in every country we operate in.

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