These personal assessments are the first step towards drafting an improvement plan. Should you wish to go further, they are available on a wider scale, from a dozen, up to thousands of participants. Our team of experts will provide a deep analysis of the results and a prioritized action plan. 

we’ve made it our mission to support companies through change management with digital transformation & customer-centric programmes. 

We’ve designed 2 free and confidential assessment stools to help you figure out where your company stands today. Choose the topic that is more relevant to you, answer the survey and unveil your score. You’ll discover where your company stands bench marked to hundreds of peers.



Is your customer experience up to the mark?

Assess your customer experience management in less than 5 minutes with Diagnostix.

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Find out if people & change management is consistent and relevant in your digital strategy.




Are your employees still engaged in your processes & in your business?