Customer experience experts CXB HUB recently hosted their second CX Afterworks event in London, which took place on 21st March 2019.

The event is one in a series of similar events taking place throughout the year in London and Paris, and focused this time on how best to diagnose problems and create better, more well-informed customer experiences.

One of the key findings of the event was that the relevance of the customer journey must be constantly reinforced. A brand will develop a strong following not simply by what it does, but the methods used to do it. The data backs this finding up. While 80% of CEOs consider themselves to have an outstanding customer service record, this feeling is shared by only 8% of their customers. This discrepancy is commonly referred to as the CX gap. This gap between what companies believe and the reality of their activities presents a glaring inconsistency – and a major challenge – for businesses of all kinds.

How best to put yourself in the place of your customers and hence be informed on how to reduce the gap? CXB HUB recommends a variety of tactics for accurate diagnosis and treatment:

Look beyond data collection

Data must be carefully and efficiently analysed to ensure it is used in the best possible way to achieve whatever goal the brand has in mind. From boosting market-share to improving customer satisfaction, or better harnessing the talents of the workforce, data should be examined, discussed and challenged to nurture action, and not just be used to monitor people.

Nurture employees

The employee experience might be more difficult as customer experience to capture, as many staff members do not feel free to voice their real feelings about working for a company. This can lead to a disconnect between the customers and those who are there to help businesses connect with them. Honest feedback and investment in the employee experience is essential. This is all the more important as currently statistics state that only 11% of the UK workforce are truly engaged in their activities.

Use the best tools

Fully understanding the relationship between brand, customer and employees requires the use of agile tools which harness the very best of AI. CXB HUB uses various tools from their CX-Players such as the customer experience trackers delivered by KPAM, where in the space of only a few weeks, the company can achieve a decision map with powerful implications. Qualtrics is another helpful platform for companies handling big Experience data. Actionable diagnosis also comes from design-led research activities run by Hiveworks, that can be a good choice if you want to empower employees at every stage of the diagnosis.

As well as strategic coaching, CXB HUB provides a range of services which help companies safeguard against future changes in the customer experience world, and relies on the expertise of a top team of leaders in fields such as digitalization, transformation and cultural assessment, all crucial to achieving enhanced results from digital activities.

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