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2019 OVERVIEW: A wonderful year of CX Partnerships

What did 2019 bring for the CXB HUB team?

It’s that time of the year again, time to step back and take a good look at everything that’s happened over the past twelve months. Putting our minds together, thinking back and trying to put it into words, we’re simply stunned by how much has happened, and by everything we’ve done!

Hosting 8 CX Afterworks in London and Paris, recruiting new talents, entering the HR Lab, becoming an official partner of the big player Qualtrics, developing our digital ecosystem with more than 6 new solutions, publishing a new website, attending more than 50 CX and EX events in Europe…

And above all, working alongside our amazing clients, supporting them in times of transitions and sharing our passion for customer experience and employee engagement with them. Here are some of the projects we spent night and days working on, spurred to give our best to the passionate employees, managers and C-level executives we got to meet and work with.

Upskilling a travel company workforce towards a CX approach - with a history of 25 years of engineering organisational culture in the UK and France

Campbell Boulanger - Unsplash

Improving your ageing infrastructures and the services delivered to your customers without giving all staff members the understanding and tools to make the customer experience fully consistent would be a waste of money and time. This brilliant company understood the importance of listening to its customers and empowering its staff throughout its transformation process. It then significantly increased its customer satisfaction level by creating a cross functional and cross hierarchical steering committee to map simulations of customer experiences, thus creating an innovative mobile app with all good behaviours for each customer step. The cherry on top? This app supported the training of more than 1500 internal champions, staff members and managers. All in less than a year!

Connecting CX and EX to reinforce customer and organisational innovation in retail in China, Russia and Romania

Harry cao - Unsplash

We helped this big international food retailer reduce employee turnover and dramatically increase the number of innovative ideas suggested by staff members and managers by introducing new ways of working in the company. In traditional organisations, shifts and silos between teams don’t make the implementation of obvious principles - such as co-design of innovation - easy. Promoting customers and staff members collaborations to design customer service innovations and allowing first line managers to innovate from their team members’ experience brought a significant positive impact on our client’s organisational efficiency.

Using tech and AI to convert insights into actions faster in the financial services sector in the UK and Romania

Our client had been sending surveys and gathering feedback for years. Their main challenge was to save time and increase their accuracy in selecting both the most impactful pain points to fix, and the delight touchpoints to maintain. The combination of AI and human expertise to analyse customer feelings has now reached an incredible level of precision. We conducted mirror analyses with employee sentiments, and it resulted in crystal-clear priorities of actions, such as employee empowerment, for the next years’ roadmap. Our methods saved the internal team a lot of time and provided much more personalised improvements suggestions for the customer and staff experience.

We’re so proud of the whole CXB HUB team…

We are all completely dedicated to a partnership approach with our clients, and we have been really emotional when hearing some of their feedback, like “Working with CXB HUB was like a puzzle where everyone was completing the others. I felt that we were really coached” or “We learned a lot from CXB HUB. We have reached our goal, with a significant increase in Employee Satisfaction this year”. This kind of feedback is so rewarding for the whole team, and it gives us the energy to pursue our big ambition of bridging the CX and EX gap together with our fantastic clients.

What’s next? 2020, here we come!

Next year, we’re very excited by the launch of our new, cost-effective annual subscription for CX and EX leaders, which offers face-to-face coaching sessions, bespoke benchmarks and digital maturity assessments. We’ve worked all year long to create these programmes, the obvious next step to our Experience Afterworks. We created them because we want to establish long-term relationships and support for CX passionate, like us. We want to make good use of our expertise and above all, we want to see more happy employees and customers, in the grand scheme of things!

And to this end, we will also continue developing our tailored eXelerate programmes for our clients, with consulting, training and tech set-up & support.

Thank you Alexander, John, Isabelle, Maria, Flavio, Alain and all our partners KPAM, Qualtrics, Steerio, SPD, Klaxoon, Seeyouthere and everyone else who's been a part of our journey, for this great year 2019.

We can’t wait to discover 2020 with you all.

Claire & Alexis, Co-founders, CXB HUB

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