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4 key profiles of customer experience leaders

This content was presented at the Paris Business Lunch in Paris on Nov 14th, an event hosted by Jonathan Cooper of The Spectrum IFA Group, in conjunction with the Franco British Chamber of Commerce, Institute of Directors, the Association of British Accountants in France, the Department for International Trade, France, and the Standard Athletic Club.

As Co-Founder of Franco-British customer experience firm CXB HUB, Claire Bonniol is well-placed to explore the world customer experience. Over the last seventeen years, she has worked tirelessly within this vital and ever-changing area – before co-founding CXB HUB a year and a half ago with partner Alexis Grabar.

The company has experienced rapid growth, and this year, ran projects in 5 countries.

With a career spanning nearly twenty years, Claire has worked with a large number of CEOs, Managing Directors and Communications Professionals to help them boost their effectiveness in customer experience.

Whilst all of these people bring different skills and experience to their respective roles, they share a common passion for pleasing their customers – and know how important customer experience is to achieving their goals.

Exploring customer experience

There are many reasons why professionals recognise the importance of customer experience – some are motivated by profits, some are aware of the humanising effect well-implemented customer experiences can have, and others see the positive effect it has upon staff engagement as an added benefit, whilst still ensuring happy customers.

Claire has, in time, defined four key profiles within the world of customer experience, which can be broken down into simple categories.

  • The first is a "figures-based" type of person, who likes things done by the book and enjoys minimising risk. Their guidelines are precise, with the intent of delivering on their promises according to agreed forms of contracts.

  • The second kind of customer experience professional is an innovator, adept at always getting there first and testing the waters of new ideas to fuel progress and renewal.

  • The third type are more brand-orientated, understanding how to bring emotion into their work whilst still sticking to strict brand guidelines.

  • The fourth and final type of customer experience professional thinks with the heart first, focusing on emotion and the human touch to keep customer well-being at the very centre of everything they do.

What drives your customer experience?

No matter the type of customer experience model they follow, Claire and the team at CXB HUB have found that a combination of coaching, consultancy and tailored solutions produce dramatic results which match all types of companies and intended outcomes. By mixing and matching true digital solutions with surveys, analytics, journey mapping, facial recognition and more, new and more innovative ways of reaching and retaining customers can be found – creating a business which is always exciting and never dull.

If you would like to discuss your Customer Experience Programme with Claire and the team at CXB HUB, then do contact us through the website or by directly contacting

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