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Alexis Grabar, GEM PGE 1992 & tech entrepreneur introduces new screening kiosk

Updated: Jan 20, 2021

This article was first published on GEM Alumni Magazine in June 2020.

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In the midst of the global Covid-19 pandemic, Serial Entrepreneur Alexis Grabar has found a new way to help clients achieve their goals. Together with CXB-HUB co-founder Claire Bonniol, Alexis has now turned his attentions to the French tech safety market. 

Early Career

Starting his career early with a Master's degree at Grenoble Ecole Management in 1992, Alexis progressed to an MBA in Paris and subsequently completed his MA in Boston. Developing a fantastic background in the business world, as well as becoming educated in the key areas of management, law and finance, he worked for companies such as Airbus and Cap Gemini throughout the ‘90s. His more recent work has focused on entrepreneurial pursuits and digital transformation, particularly the fast growth of SMEs. 

Alexis has always had an enterprising mindset, with a strong focus on strategizing and developing businesses which have real staying power. As a co-founder of CXB HUB, he developed a company which was firmly rooted in both establishing and boosting the performance of customer excellence programmes, working largely with high-flying Fortune 500 companies.  

CXB HUB established itself in the field of consultancy, training and technology. They have fast become market leaders, turned to for advice and guidance on all aspects of the CX (customer experience) journey. Brands which work with CXB HUB include Veolia, Engie and Novotel. 

Always the entrepreneur 

During the current Coronavirus pandemic, Alexis and his team have realized it is essential to now pivot their approach, answering an immediate need for all kinds of different businesses: security for their customers, visitors and staff. The people of France still keenly remember how measures designed to help safeguard us from harm can quickly feel intrusive. This was apparent in the aftermath of the waves of terror attacks suffered in Paris and further afield, leading to searches and screenings at the entrance to public buildings, many of which felt as though they were there to take away our freedoms, rather than preserve them. 

Covid-19 has brought about a similar paranoia and stringent security protocols, and CXB HUB are determined to help make these new measures a positive step which draws customers back to public areas such as shops, airports, supermarkets and train stations – preserving the sanctity of the customer journey at the same time. 

Achieving this goal takes dynamic thinking, but thankfully that is something which Alexis is more than capable of. As established experts in communication and digital transformation – with a tech focus – CXB HUB are ideally placed to introduce a new high-performance technology, which is presented in partnership with another transformational company, Ksubaka. 

“This partnership enables us to roll out a dynamic new technology solution which is ideally suited for our current times, but still has much to offer in the next phases of virus containment and management,” says Alexis. 

Flexible tech for a changing world 

The end product is a temperature detection kiosk, which accurately measures the temperature of an individual without the need for physical contact - and can even detect if said individual is wearing a mask. CXB HUB think that such tech solutions will be needed with increasingly frequency in the coming months and years, for when the virus and high security processes will have decreased but prevention will still be a good practice to implement. In addition, the kiosk is speedy – and can be accessed in a range of formats, options and models to suit different needs and environments. It takes less than a second to find out whether a person passing through the kiosk has a fever – providing peace of mind for everyone in that space. 

Kiosks are available with an optional hand sanitizer dispenser and can be wall mounted or free-standing. Installing them only takes a few minutes, and they come in a selection of widely spoken languages for added ease of use, with staff training added to ensure that the product is used accurately. Far from simply offering a temperature kiosk, CXB HUB is now offering peace of mind and a positive customer experience, offering a return to a more convenient and social way of life without risking reinfection. 

“The time is coming when people will not only want to return to their normal lives, but they will have to – for both social and economic reasons,” says Alex. “Using these kiosks, a wide variety of public spaces will be able to reopen safely to the public, safeguarding the economy and even society itself.” 

To discover more, visit CXB HUB’s website or check out the kiosks on 

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