Calling All CEOs: Is Your International CX Programme on The Right Track?

Implementing any CX programme, and particularly one across international borders can be a tricky thing to get right, but we've compiled 3 key tips to keep your programme on the right track...

Adapt for a local audience

Having a clear brand identity will set the guidelines for your customer experience. Brand identity really is the centralised part of your programme, providing the core values which will help to inspire behaviour – and fuelling the customer value proposition which ultimately determines the core of the services you offer.

 Adapting your brand identity will involve plenty of localised research, enabling you to better understand your target market. Consider how big brands like Starbucks and McDonalds have adapted their products, digitalisation and brand gimmicks to suit different audiences. Be prepared to test your ideas prior to the big launch – and gain insights which are as precise as possible before pressing forward.

Gather the experts

Give countries their own methodology and a centralised team of experts to help you gather insights – and ask questions relating to the typical customer journey, how to engage with staff, and other vital issues. Consider how to incorporate best practices, and facilitate contact between project owners. Remember that what is successful in one country may not be successful elsewhere, but having been tried and tested, it will nonetheless provide important information which cannot be found in corporate textbooks.

Nurture inspiration: International intelligence

Customer experience is not at the same level of maturity in every country, and each nation offers it's own inspirational lessons which will help you make better decisions. The UK might inspire more proactivity and a strong compensation culture when things go wrong, while Japan provides a fine aesthetic model and France has built a solid reputation on excellent service delivery. Some industries, likewise, are at a more advanced stage than others. Benchmarks are useful in the world of customer experience, such as acknowledging that for hospitality, service mindset is at the core of everything; or that e-commerce drives other industries to look more closely at digitalisation, autonomy and efficiency.

The CXB HUB approach

At CXB HUB, we implement a training programme each time we begin a new International CX programme. Training employees, managers and senior management, we gain crucial insights from local experts and work tirelessly to gain a better understanding of each client brand and each target audience, including the unique challenges they face.

We have a proven track record of providing the very best intelligence about each country in which we implement a new CX program, ensuring we deliver only the finest insights and training.

In 2018 we've worked with clients across Western and Eastern Europe, Russia, and China, leaning on our meaningful relationships, local knowledge, experience in CX and branding to develop solutions which deliver on our promises. 

This is what we suggest for companies currently establishing their own CX programme – creating competent and focused CX champions – a team who are enthusiastic about the future and possibilities of customer experience, and able to communicate this enthusiasm in an implementable and effective way.

Alexis Grabar, Executive Director & Co-Founder, CXB HUB

If you would like to speak to us about your Customer Experience Programme, you can email me on or contact us through our website

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