COVID-19: CXB HUB ready to support you through these troubled times

Updated: Apr 1, 2020

CXB HUB has adjusted its offer to become entirely digital and custom-made, and provide full support to companies in these troubled times. A message from our founders, Alexis Grabar and Claire Bonniol.

Dear clients and friends,

We want to help.

Especially if you are working remotely or if you have relatives in difficulty.

I believe what connects us is our passion for Human Interaction.

But are you able to seamlessly continue running your business unit?

Let us help you with:

Organised training sessions, workshops and coachings via several sophisticated platforms (Zoom, Klaxoon or Glowbl). We now facilitate 100% remote and our clients are very happy.

A 45 min coaching to all CX/EX leaders to help set new priorities, for which we wouldn’t charge anything.

Train your employees in delivering the best customer service in crisis time and

The bottom line? When all of this is over, we want your clients to say that your company has been amongst the most reliable companies they’ve worked with.

Please share your current concerns, we’d love to discuss.

In English, French, Russian, Italian or Romanian.


Claire Bonniol and Alexis Grabar


If you're interested, please get in touch via our contact page.

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