Customer Experience in Housing: developing a culture of empowerment and engagement

Today, Claire Bonniol speaks CX and EX at a roundtable hosted by the National Housing Federation at the Customer Experience in Housing conference. She shares why she's hopeful and excited to see the housing sector interested in CX... and EX.

I am very excited to be a speaker at the CX conference of the National Housing Federation. I am not a specialist of Housing of course, but as a cofounder of CXB HUB, I focus all my professional life on CX and EX, trying to demonstrate everywhere that designing the employee experience with the aim of delivering an excellent customer experience is a great lever for performance.

What does it mean? Isn’t employee experience mainly ensuring that everyone is happy at work and can be safe and healthy? Yes, of course. But I don’t think that this is enough.

Claire Bonniol (second from the right) speaks at a roundtable organised by the National Housing Federation

In my experience, you need to think organisation and culture if you really want to achieve excellence in customer experience. Front line staff members are like improv theatre performers. They know the rules, they know what the story is, they know they need to make their audience happy, but how to make it happen changes every single day.

From my 20 years in CX and EX, I have realised that the perfect organisation culture for service companies is a mix of:

- Empowerment: Give the front line staff the power to take initiatives and decisions.

- Training & Coaching: never stop taking the time to help employees and their managers improve their habits and proactivity.

- Customer-oriented decisions: ensure all decision-makers in the company look at the impact of their decisions on the customer experience.

- Cooperation: break silos to allow a wide spread of information, which will allow you to provide a single point of contact for your clients.

- Co-design of experience and innovation: never think that customer experience will be the same for ever. Revisit, assess client needs, and innovate.

- Rewards and awards: recognition is an essential driver for your staff members and for your customers.

When you really think about it, housing is by essence one of the most appropriate fields for customer experience. Having a home is one of the most basic and essential needs for a human being. But on the other hand housing customers are just like you and I. We simply expect consideration, clear services, humane and decent relations on the phone or at a desk, online payment and new apps to quicken the process…

This is why the Housing organisations in the UK are now focusing so much on customer experience and organise conferences to share their good practices and link them with employee engagement and experience. Well done to the whole team at the National Housing Federation!

Claire Bonniol, CEO & Co-founder, CXB HUB

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