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The customer experience innovation practitioners at CXB HUB are delighted to announce their new launch, introducing two new assessment tools, designed to provide a more accurate picture of their clients customer experience needs.

Instead of just one tool, the introduction of two new tools to the market will allow CXB HUB’s customers to compare themselves and their companies to similar individuals and businesses in the marketplace. The assessment tools are comprised of two questionnaires.

One questionnaire addresses leadership and engagement in a digital environment, to discover how your organisation performs in the context of digital transformation. This is particularly important for management teams, who must be able to train, adapt and implement the new tools to see real results. This tool, called ‘Digital & Management’, is provided thanks to a partnership with

The second of CXB HUB’s new tools, DIAGNOSTIX, is focused more strongly on the management of Customer Experience. “This tool takes a comprehensive look at both customer and employee experience throughout every level of the organisation, most prominently production and management” says co-founder Claire Bonniol. “It assesses whether customer experience is truly understood by all aspects of the company, whether customer experience is interdisciplinary, and the way in which CX is handled within the company’s business life.”

DIAGNOSTIX and “Digital & Management” are both confidential and available online, for free. “These tools have been created for, first and foremost, our CX community, but also any CX leader who is looking to improve his skills and wants a self-evaluation such as CX directors, CDOs, Transformation and Digital managers.” Adds Alexis Grabar, co-founder. “These questionnaires have been conceived with our main markets in mind: the UK, France, Europe and emerging markets.”

CXB HUB has placed usability at the heart of the tools, which can be streamlined or rolled out on a much wider scale. They are the ideal gateway to positive alterations in management strategy, or the launch of a new customer excellence programme with CXB HUB as partner.

Having already demonstrated significant expertise in the field of customer experience, CXB HUB use the information in these assessments to help formulate a deeper and more comprehensive analysis of a company’s needs, resulting in more impactful analysis and a targeted action plan.

These new assessment tools are available for use in both French and English. Find out more at and trial both tools at the official website

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