The customer experience experts at CXBHUB are delighted to announce the latest addition to the team, in the form of experienced sales, marketing and customer experience director John Stocker.

In an enviable career, John has already accumulated a wealth of knowledge working in these competitive and fast-paced sectors, and will now be adding his special blend of skills to the CXBHUB team. As a former client of the company, Stocker represented GEFCO, and has now been appointed as the new GM for CXBHUB’s UK market.

“I feel very proud that a former client of ours has decided to join our start-up,” says Claire Bonniol, co-founder of CXBHUB. “It shows real proof of the trust our clients have in us, I would say.”

CXBHUB is dedicated to providing the solutions companies need to boost their customer experience, and uses a fleet of tools to unveil insights and produce a roadmap to greater success. Founded in 2017, the brand has already developed a strong presence in markets such as the UK, Romania, Russia and China.

John has tremendous experience within international markets, with prior leading roles including senior board positions with a variety of major global corporations. His experience includes six years as Commercial Director at GEFCO UK, a world-leader in logistics and supply chain solutions, and a role as Strategic Development Director at DHL Supply Chain, another of the world’s leaders in supply chain and logistics management.

Building a career on the foundations of continual innovation and the integration of CX and EX programmes, John is passionate about catering to the needs of modern consumers, whilst ensuring businesses are able to maximise their own return on investment.

Amongst his many notable achievements, John had the honour of being granted the Industry Leaders Award at the 2017 Automotive Global Awards, in recognition of his considerable contributions to the sector.

John Stocker joined the company in June 2019, and has already been welcomed to the CXBHUB team, ready to take on new challenges and make a real impact as the business continues to grow. “Despite Brexit, we believe that the UK will remain an important hub on the international market and will be crucial to support CXB HUB’s expansion to foreign markets like Asia and the USA” says Alexis Grabar Co-Founder of CXB HUB.

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