How to Change your Company Culture

A company’s culture forms a crucial part of the organisation as it directly relates to the employee turnover, sales, losses as well as customer satisfaction rates. This makes it very important that companies change their culture rather than relying on outdated policies if they are to remain relevant in their industry.

Research has shown that by changing the organisation’s culture and focusing more on the customer, you are likely to boost your sales by as much as 60% as it gives you a competitive advantage against your rivals. A number of other reasons other than profitability exist as to why you should change the culture of your entity and they include:

  • Change in customer demands

The target market has changed over the years with customers preferring organisations that offer them quality customer service. This makes it necessary for companies to invest heavily in provision of prompt and excellent customer service that satisfies the client.

  • Employee expectations

Changing the organisation’s culture is important to meet the expectations of your employees. We have a huge population of educated people who have high standards of the place they want to work and the surrounding environment. They yearn to learn new things regarding their job to be able to provide better services to the customers.

  • Market growth

There is an awakening in various industries as they realise that they need to change their culture so as to be able to complete at a global scale. This can be achieved by directing their focus and resources to employees and clients whose satisfaction will be reflected in the general growth of the company and the overall market as a whole.

Methodologies for changing your company’s culture

To effectively change the culture of your organisation, you need to first determine what you are trying to achieve at the end of the process, setting attainable goals. A simple way of identifying your vision is to benchmark your organisation against a top company in your industry. After determining your vision and goals you can then utilise one of the following methods to change the organisation culture.

1.     Design thinking

This methodology is becoming very popular with top companies in the world such as Google and involves the use of solution-based approach when handling problems. It has proven to be very effective as it challenges existing assumptions to have a deeper understanding of the user in an attempt to provide alternative solutions.

2.     Training

This involves the facilitation of skills acquisition for your employees to enable them to offer professional services to your employees. The training duration can vary according to the results you want to achieve.

3.     Use of experts

It is always recommended that you outsource the services of professionals such as CXB HUB who are qualified and experienced in the process of culture change. We analyse your business and give you tailor-made solutions that are effective and efficient.


It is very important for organisations to consider a culture change if they intend to maintain their customers as well as employees. The highlighted methodologies above are some of the ways that you can effectively change the culture of your organisation.

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Alexis Grabar, Executive Director & Co-Founder, CXB HUB

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