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Our customers are happy with our temperature sensing kiosks, and they say it!

The CXB HUB team is pleased to announce that Sacré cœur 79 uses our temperature detection kiosk! Le Sacré Coeur 79 is a retirement home based in Niort that wishes to keep the spirit of a welcoming home animated by a desire for well-being in an atmosphere of serenity and attentive care.

With this in mind, Sacré cœur 79 installed our temperature detection kiosk to ensure the safety of all its residents against the Covid-19 epidemic. Residents, visitors and employees will be able to check their temperatures in less than a second and without physical contact. Here is their feedback:

"Le Sacré Coeur is pleased to announce the installation of ALERTY and its temperature-controlled kiosk. You have a doubt or a question? You feel the need to reassure yourself? ALERTY and its kiosk are there for you... ALERTY takes your temperature safely and privately... ALERTY will remind you that wearing a face mask is required in case you forgot to put one on... Always available and reactive ALERTY will help us look after each other... This is his only reason to be even if he doesn't know it...He will never get tired of seeing you but will always be completely unable to recognize or remember you… Because ALERTY has no memory and forgets everything instantly as soon as it has fulfilled its mission.
We already love him !!!!"

In conformity with GDPR, Alerty gives a clear and secure response, using an ingenious light and sound alert system.

If you are interested to have more information about our terminal, please contact us on

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