CX experts CXB HUB are starting 2021 with a series of new hires and expansion into new territories. Working with Fortune 500 companies across Europe, CXB HUB have developed an enviable reputation for excellence and routinely guide their clients through the maze of digital transformation and increased engagement.

The year ahead looks set to be an exciting one, as the customer experience consultancy continues its rapid growth with new offices in Russia - and three new employees. CXB HUB’s expansion to Russia is accompanied by becoming the official partner of analytics platform Qualtrics, giving the company access to unprecedented AI technology for data collection and processing. Russia is one of CXB HUB’s primary markets, with the new Moscow office ensuring the company is on-hand to assist with a wide variety of projects in the nation.

Three new recruits in 2021 are helping to drive CXB HUB forwards.

Aresh Alamir will lead the Russian office. Aresh has considerable experience in market research and development, having been the first employee hired at Auchan Russia in 2001. He helped develop their Russian HQ while rising through the ranks to become Director of Marketing and E-Commerce. From 2015, he served as the Director of Marketing and Innovation for Auchan, also joining the supervisory board for Auchan Poland between 2016-19.

“Aresh is a key hire for us to make the Russian market happen. He was our first client in the Russian marketplace, when we set up an employee training programme for Auchan. He has the best profile to help us enter this market, and has already seen first-hand the quality of our work.” adds Alexis Grabar, fellow co-founder of CXB HUB.

Business continues to grow in France, calling for expansion of the team there, also. Myriam Crolard has been hired as a senior consultant, to support the French offices.

“Myriam’s arrival in our team will reinforce our positioning within the B2B sector. She brings with her 25-years of experience in sales, marketing and customer experience, working for a number of global companies including Saint Gobain. We look forward to her supporting our clients who need help with their customer experience management.” says co-founder Claire Bonniol.

Finally, CXB HUB is also adding a new intern to the team at the Paris office, Clement Charlet, who is currently a 3rd-year student at the prestigious Paris Business School.

With these new recruits, CXB HUB is growing their capabilities to tackle increasingly complex challenges for their clients. To help support this growth, the business is currently in the midst of a campaign to raise £300k in capital, which is set to complete in Spring 2021.

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