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PRESS RELEASE: CXB HUB is raising £300k!

CXB HUB, the specialist in successful customer and employee experiences, announces a campaign to raise capital of £300k.

While all companies are currently looking for solutions to make themselves more competitive, after feeling the effects of the economic crisis triggered by the Covid-19 pandemic, one thing has become clear: there is an urgent need to put people back at the centre of every development strategy.

Customer experience must move forward into the post-Covid era! The priority now is to combine the best that both people and technology have to offer in order to provide significant added value to customer and employee experiences. The two are in fact connected: if employees are engaged and happy, they will naturally improve the service they provide to customers.

However, while everyone is in agreement on this principle, the major groups still struggle to actually put it into practice, for a variety of reasons.

First of all, company directors do not always realise that issues with their bottom line are often connected to customer experience. There is often a divide between their vision and the actual expectations of their customers. Unfortunately, these days it is very easy for customers to turn away from a brand.

Furthermore, contrary to what is often popular belief, working purely on customer experience is not enough to improve employee experience. It is not quite so easy to connect the two!

Within this context, CXB HUB supports major international groups and large enterprises to help them increase the value they provide to their consumers, partners and employees. To do this, they propose 360° transformation programmes that integrate advice, training and technology.

In order to accelerate their development, CXB HUB launched a campaign in November to raise capital of £300k, which they hope to complete by the beginning of 2021.

They have taken this opportunity to unveil their winning three-part formula:

  • Technological innovations to improve customer relations and employee experience;

  • Working to support major customer accounts, to achieve a turnover of more than €500K over 3 years;

  • Ambitious expansion at an international level, into both emerging and developed economies.

To read more, please download the full PR below:

Download PDF • 174KB

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