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Romania – CX Inspiration

Updated: Jan 15, 2020

I have just returned from a roadshow in Bucharest, Romania.

Thinking of Romania, and think only of Transylvanian forests or Carpathian mountains? Far from it. Bucharest is a booming city full of contrasts.

While the yellow taxis give a flavour of an almost underdeveloped country, what happens behind the walls of corporates is interesting, and in many ways rather advanced.

We started our visit with a large offshore centre of a big European bank. It isn’t just rows of call centre staff. This centre is providing expert skills in innovation and methodologies for internal projects in Finance, HR and Digital.

In the CXB HUB ecosystem, our service design studio is best placed for them to become ‘black belts’ in design thinking, the methodology that is used in many user-centric projects over the world.

The yellow taxi led us then to a leading DIYer whose CEO declared ‘I am a happy CEO’. Why? Excellent turnover together with a strong internal culture of collaboration and energy has made them leaders in the country.

Consumers love spending but e-commerce is less developed due to lack of logistics and infrastructure. Listening to customers habits and adapting e-commerce solutions to the culture of this market, alongside empowerment of employee and first line managers to the fast pace change is something to which CXB HUB can contribute.

Final visit on our roadshow was to an insurance company. Can you believe that their NPS score is +67, numbers usually associated with Apple or Nespresso?

Listening to their CEO, he resonated with our principals at CXB HUB (see my latest article):

To succeed you need to have a holistic view of your customer experience strategy (‘becoming the preferred choice’ in their case): not only metrics, not only continuous improvement on delivery, not only customer journey, not only brand-new apps, but also focusing on tracking data differently and the employee journey, on being an attractive employer, on empowering people for the day-to-day ‘wow relationship’ with customers etc.

Even with good players like this one, there are improvements we can make: developing data mining to improve processes; analysing customer voice and visualising and prioritising with customer and employee experience trackers; coaching decision makers will all help to maintain and develop their leading position.

Photo by Dylan Gillis on Unsplash

CXB HUB is a London-based start-up which combines ‘plug and play’ customer experience solutions with strategic consulting. With projects in the UK, France, Russia and Romania, we build up customer excellence programmes for Fortune 500 and medium-size fast growing companies.

CXB HUB offers a range of services on the value chain of customer experience, solving business strategic issues, such as customer and employee centricity. It includes customer data analysis, internal communications and engagement programmes, customer excellence coaching and design thinking. The innovation partners of CXB HUB are KPAM and Live Journey on customer data analysis, Citizen Press on internal comms and Hiveworks on design thinking and digital transformation.

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