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The Sky-High Rise of AI in Aviation

This paper was first published on the Russian British Chamber of Commerce website in March 2019. Read more here:

Artificial intelligence is a constantly developing part of modern business, and this new trend is making an impact on almost every industry. The world of aviation has not been immune to artificial intelligence’s charms, and in the coming years the influence wielded by AI only looks set to grow.

Whilst many industries are a little fearful of AI, when implemented with a view to assisting humans instead of taking over from them, this technology can only ever be of benefit. By taking a person-led approach, new innovations support a more streamlined customer journey, and help to process data in more effective ways to aid everything from a speedier airport check-in to simplified flight booking procedures.

Customer experience experts CXB HUB are early adopters of this pioneering new tech, partnering with identity encryption company Yoti to help spearhead new customer excellence programs. CXB HUB have extensive knowledge of the key factors which matter to customers in the transport sector, having worked with clients such as the Eurotunnel, Eurostar and South Western Railways to forge innovative and effective customer experience projects which harness the very best of customer journey mapping, data mining and more.

One of CXB HUB’s partners, Design studio Hiveworks have emphasised the importance of getting a grasp of artificial intelligence now, rather than later. By 2035, they estimate there will be twice as many air passengers travelling as there are today – so new ways of planning, booking and making a journey are sure to be in high-demand. Today’s customer wants simplicity and customisation, and the next generation of tech is soon to provide everything from a robotic concierge to keyless room access. Where once flying itself was a novelty reserved for a privilege few, more and more passengers now expect luxury as standard. Innovative technology can provide precisely this, with an emphasis on wellness seeping into everyday air travel, and customer demand for smarter travel experiences now on the rise.

This brave new world of air travel will doubtlessly require a different approach. AI technology has already helped to shift customer perception of what is possible, and the most forward-thinking companies are starting to prepare themselves for a more integrated and innovative future.

Thankfully, the team at CXB HUB bring enviable knowledge within the aviation sector, not only due to their travel industry experience, but also thanks to co-founder Alexis Grabar, a serial entrepreneur with a 10-years experience at Airbus, where he was in charge of 23 airlines, ex-GM at Eurojet and fellow member of the Royal Aeronautical Society.

As AI and innovative new solutions are called for to tackle the many challenges of aviation, businesses in this sector need companies they can trust - and CXB HUB is the perfect strategic, creative partner for a rapidly changing industry.

Alexis Grabar, Founder & Executive Director, CXB HUB

Hiveworks & Alexis Grabar presented a White Paper titled "What is the effect of Artificial Intelligence on the flying experience of the future?" On November 21st, 2018 at the Royal Aeronautical Society in London. Get in touch with or if you’d like to read a recap of this white paper or discuss this topic.

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