#WomensDay: Watch the interview of Claire Bonniol, Co-founder of CXB HUB.

For International Women's Day 2021, Franco-British Chamber of Commerce & Industry, interviewed our co-founder Claire Bonniol about her career, her inspiration and what she loves about her job and her company.

Franco-British Chamber of Commerce & Industry launched their "Women in the spotlight" campaign. Every Monday and Thursday in March on Franco-British Chamber of Commerce & Industry, you will discover powerful testimonials of inspiring women.

Our co-founder, Claire Bonniol, was one of the participants in this inspiring campaign to share a "message of freedom to women" and thus "break free from the barriers we create". By creating CXB HUB with Alexis Grabar, Claire Bonniol is an inspiring example for women who want to launch their own business.

At CXB HUB, we employ 50% women and 50% men, because we believe in working together to bring positive change! To learn more about CXB HUB's women's portraits, click here.

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